Are all your products made by you?

Yes, all products are made by me using traditional and modern woodworking techniques.


How long have you been working with wood professionally?

I started woodworking professionally in 1995. 


How should I care for my wooden bowls, pots and vessels?

Keep your wooden goods healthy by oiling them often or whenever they appear to be dry.  I recommend using one of the following products for wood:  mineral oil, raw linseed oil, or bees wax.  Vegetable oils are not recommended.  Never submerge your woodenware in water.  Gently clean the surface with mild soap and warm water.  Rinse and completely pat dry.

If your item is decorative or for dry goods only simply wipe with damp cloth and buff dry.


Do you accept returns?

Yes.  I only ask you pay for return shipping unless the item was damaged while in transit.