Rosanna in her workshop.

Rosanna in her workshop.

Rosanna Coyne is an artist, designer and master woodworker from Hampden, MA. Her high level of passion and skill in all things woodworking is very rare to find in a single person. A true master in woodturning, veneering, furniture making, woodcarving, and carpentry, she is capable of single-handedly creating unique works of beauty that hold a special presence in any environment.

Rosanna grew up watching homes being built by her father and spending time learning in his workshop.  This fostered an attitude that anything you dream is possible.  This eventually led to her designing and building her own home. in Hampden, MA.

Rosanna has studied under such masters a European woodcarver Dimitrios Klitsas, woodturner David Ellsworth and Windsor chair maker Michael Dunbar.  Attended several Cabinet and Furnituremaking workshops at North Bennet Street School in Boston.  The thoroughness and expertise that Rosanna brings to every project makes her a delight to work with and learn from.

I often heard about her talents but did not realize how amazing her work was until I had her build some pieces for me for the Hampton Classic show. We collaborated to design a coffee table with carved horse bits on the surface. Rosanna is also extremely talented in her finishes. She took our table design and ebonized it. Ebonizing is an iron staining caused by a reaction between iron oxide and the natural tannins in wood to create an authentic-looking black that is actually created in the fibers of the wood rather than a stain sitting on top of the piece. It is so durable. It is integral, not superficial, and is also found to be very light-fast so it won’t fade over time. The table sold on the 2nd day of the Hampton Classic, and by the third we had people interested in ordering more. Including Rosanna’s work in the 2012 Junior League of Hartford, Inc. Showhouse was something I didn’t even need to think about.
— Kristen McCory, McCory Interiors



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May 2017


Architectural Digest

December 11, 2015